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Whimsical Easter Egg Hunt


Easter is such a fun holiday to celebrate, especially since it's the perfect way to bring in Spring and all the natural elements that go along with it. Blooming florals, beautiful pastel colors, lush green trees and plenty of sunshine - all provided us with the inspiration for this whimsical children's Easter play-date. Because let's face it, no Easter celebration is complete without the kids! 

We set the vibe with a subtle blue and peach color scheme set against a natural backdrop of trees and plants. With the weather so beautiful these days, it's a shame to not be outside enjoying the fresh air!


For table top decor, we chose a subtle pale blue linen from Wilflower Linen, paired with paper plates & cups, wooden flatware and neon napkins to add a little pop of brightness (all courtesy of Wild Child Party). I DIY'ed simple place card holders with the kids names, and scattered hand-painted pastel and metallic easter eggs on the table for dimension.

The floral centerpiece was absolutely stunning thanks to Petals and Pop. They cleverly color-blocked the arrangement so no matter where you stood, the vibrant colors showed at every angle. 


We wanted something different for seating, so we headed to Teak and Lace for these specialty cross-back wooden chairs. How cute are they mini-sized for kids?! The bird nest cupcakes and chick sugar cookies from Frosted Cupcakery and Susie Cakes were just the perfect amount of sugar to keep the kids energized before the Easter egg hunt! And we can't stop gushing over how cute the little girls looked in their floral bunny ear headband - head over to JL Designs to order a pair for your little ones!


A big thank you to Laura Moll Photography for capturing all of the Easter cuteness!! We just can't get enough of these adorable photos!!




off your phone & into your home


It's no secret that everyone has fallen in love with Instagram over the past few years. It's a convenient way to share random moments. Often "small" moments - the ones that most people don't have time to go and grab their DSLR for. And many times, they're the moments that mean the most and capture "real life" the best. 

With so many online resources available to print Instagram images, I can never find a fun, creative way to display them on my wall. While square picture frames are obviously an option, they are just so basic and boring. So I came up with a little DIY project to get your Instagram pictures off your phone and into your home!

I paired weathered gray wooden boards with rose gold clips to create a rustic, chic photo display. I wanted a slightly feminine feel, but you can mix and match the wood stains and metal finishes in the clips to get a more masculine look as well. I displayed photos from the talented Laura Moll of Laura Moll Photography. Her adorable and candid Instagram shots of her precious son are exactly the kind of memories I wanted to capture in this fun DIY project!





1. Any size or shape unfinished wooden slab(s). I used three 18 inch poplar boards because their smooth texture allows for easier staining.

2. Premium wood stain in the color of your choice. I love the brand Varathane because it only requires one coat and they have a great color selection.

3. Bulldog clips in any metallic finish

4. 12 5 inch Instagram photos. Mine are printed from Artifact Uprising.

5. Large paintbrush

6. Hook, hammer & nails




Stain your wood slabs with a large paintbrush. Make sure to follow the instructions provided with the wood stain you purchase. Set to dry for a couple of hours. Then fasten the bulldog clips onto the board with a hammer and nails. Some clips conveniently come with matching nails, but if not, anything small and thin will do the trick. Secure a frame hanger on the back of the boards for easy hanging, clip your pictures on and enjoy your random, real-life moments for years to come!



Disney Inspired Tablescape


I always make it a point to switch up my coffee table decor every so-often. Whether it's due to seasonal change, a holiday, or just because, I love mixing things up a bit. Plus, with the right decor, a coffee table can be a key design element. So, in honor of Disney's Beauty and the Beast live-action premiere this Friday, I bring you this French-inspired coffee tablescape! I put a little twist on the traditional trifecta of books, flowers and trays to capture some of the key elements that define this enchanted fairytale. 


It was the perfect setting for watching the original animated version. So excited for the premiere now!

Styling: AK Designs | Florals: The Petal Workshop