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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How long will it take to get my room e-design?

You will receive your E-Design Room Package via email approximately within (1-3) weeks from our receipt of all needed items (design questionnaire, room measurements & photos, payment). Digital boards, product purchase list and room guide will be emailed. Materials and samples will be mailed directly to client.

2. How can we re-design your property without seeing it or meeting you personally?

The advances of technology over the last decade have made things very possible for interior designers to work with clients over the internet.  Times are changing and so is the way interior design is performed.  To allow AK Designs to accurately understand your budget, space, needs and the look you want to achieve, we will ask that you to complete a client questionnaire, provide us a rough sketch of the room measurements and photos.  We welcome inspiration photos you’ve found online as well.  The more info you send the better we get to know you and your style preferences.

3. Can some of my existing furniture pieces be incorporated in the design plan?

Absolutely! Incorporating your own purchases and special finds is what makes e-interior design makeovers personalized and affordable. 

4. If I have an open floor plan and two rooms are combined, which room do I select first?

In this case, we strongly suggest you purchase a design plan for both spaces.  Spaces which open into one another tend to feel like a single space, and it’s not possible to truly transform the look without taking into consideration everything your eye sees in a single view.

5. Do you work within the budget given to spend on the plan you’ve designed?

Definitely! We can work within just about any budget. That said, our ability to create a dramatic transformation will be determined by what you’ve set aside for the project.  Of course, if you want items from designer vendors only, expect to spend a little more, and alternatively, if you want items from retail vendors only, expect to spend a little less. 

6. Will I be able to purchase the items directly?

Yes! A number of home furnishing retailers have established an online presence, enabling us to provide you with a shopping list full of items which you can purchase on your own.

7. Will you make changes to my plan if I don’t like something you’ve selected?

If we’ve missed the mark on an item or two, you may send us your thoughts and we will provide up to three re-selections at no charge per design plan.

8. Once I have my plan, how am I able to ask follow-up questions?

After the receipt of your final E-Design Room Package and included re-selection (limit three items per plan), our obligations to one another for that phase of your project are fulfilled.  However, if you do have additional questions, we will be able to consult with you via email regarding your new design plan. 

9. What happens if I wait to purchase an item, and then it’s no longer available?

If something becomes discontinued you can always shop for a similar item but we recommend that before purchasing our service, you wait until you are financially and practically ready to implement a design change. The world of manufactured goods is a rapidly changing one, and there are no guarantees that the item specified today will be available six months from now.

10. What locations do you offer E-Design services to?

Our online E-Design services are offered throughout the US.  At this time we do not offer online services elsewhere.